Tobias.Froeschle--- via Ql-Users wrote:
> When you want to solve this on device driver level, the driver has
> to _know_ a directory has been opened with an aliased name. In the
> DIR case, I firmly believe it doesn't (but please do correct me if
> I'm wrong).

Depends on which driver are you speaking of. DEV knows that it
substitutes names. WIN of course does of not. Currently DEV only
alters the filename on OPEN and then backs out, completely leaving the
handling of the channel to the original driver, which of course has no
clue that it was opened with a different name, which is the base of
all the problems.

The SUB device on the other hand works differently, it opens the
channel to the substituted filename but its original channel stays
open, too. This way it can foward/translate the I/O calls and fix the
filenames on DIR or even RENAME when necessary.

So, when I do "OPEN_IN #3,sub1_fifi" I have now a channel "sub1_fifi"
AND a channel "win1_system_fifi", which is handled transparently.


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