I think it's a very demanding job for a single person.
Of course if someone organized a work group …

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> On 26/07/2018 14:50, Jan Bredenbeek via Ql-Users wrote:
> What we really need, is a new file system! :)
> I like the way DOS_DRIVE/NFA_DRIVE work in QPC2/SMSQmulator. You can
> "root" the device DOS/NFA anywhere in the host's filing system. The result
> is transparent to the rest of the system. This would be a way forward for
> any new filing system: The old (current) way of doing things could just be
> a hooked to the new in a similar way. Any old software would just continue
> to use the old system. On the emulators weve basically got a new file
> system already. "All" it would take would be for it to be better integrated
> into SMSQ/E and "one" should perhaps devise a new way to deal with that
> extra info that goes into the QDOS file header. Finally, to top it off, a
> hardware version should be made for any "hardware QLs" that can run SMSQ/E
> and a real harddisk.
> Pinch me! Its not going to happen, is it?
> Per
>> On 26 July 2018 at 13:24, Marcel Kilgus via Ql-Users <
>> ql-users@lists.q-v-d.com> wrote:
>> Has anybody got the source code to the SUB device? It does this kind
>>> of substitutions.
>>> I remember having done a disassembly some years ago. Will look when the
>> temperature here drops to non-tropical levels (it's now 35C :( ).
>> Another solution would be to make the DIR command 'substitution-aware' so
>>>> it would recognise a substituted device and act accordingly.
>>> But then you have to do the same for QPAC2, QMenu, ...
>> Agreed. Wouldn't it be great if we would only see the names of the files
>> within a subdirectory and not the subdirectories themselves every time?
>> But
>> I expect that this might break some other programs as well...
>> Jan.
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