Jan Bredenbeek via Ql-Users wrote:
>> Has anybody got the source code to the SUB device? It does this kind
>> of substitutions.
> I remember having done a disassembly some years ago. Will look when the
> temperature here drops to non-tropical levels (it's now 35C :( ).

Thanks, but it's so small I have disassembled it myself in the
meantime ;)

>> > Another solution would be to make the DIR command 'substitution-aware' so
>> > it would recognise a substituted device and act accordingly.
>> But then you have to do the same for QPAC2, QMenu, ...
> Agreed. Wouldn't it be great if we would only see the names of the files
> within a subdirectory and not the subdirectories themselves every time?

I thought so, too, at least as an option in QPAC2. It's always been
this way in CueShell, by the way, which had the best directory
handling of all QL tools ever.


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