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Bob Spelten via Ql-Users wrote:
But setting a custom width, moving the "size" to the left, is where the
right side also moves left.

OK, now I see what you mean.

The size is incremented in 20 character steps. There is no explanation
in the code why that is, but as this is the same amount that is used
when the edit window is panned I guess that this is the reason. I
tried removing the restriction and most things seemed to work, but I
found at least a minor bug, so I'm not comfortable lifting that

I can make the bottom right corner stay in place, though. The downside
is that now when you resize less than 20 characters more basically
nothing happens at all, this might be confusing for some users.

Jochen once explained that size grows in
discrete steps but I would expect the right side to be anchored, now full screen can never be reached.

Ususally it cannot be reached because the maximum line length is
exhausted before the maximum screen width.

OK, this is indeed the case when set to 160 characters on a 1024 display.
Leaving it anchored right and restricting left movement would then be preferable.

My numberless Basic is named xxx_bsl so would not benefit.
Usually I start QD through FI2 where the right command flag is added to
take care of this.

I start 100 QDs when working on stuff like this, 10% by hotkey and 90%
by FiFi ;)

Just one more. It sometimes happens when a line is longer than the window and I use ALT-right to jump to the end of the line, the text pans less than needed but the cursor/arrow lands on the right spot, outside the window.
This seems more likely to happen when the cursor is already at position

Can't reproduce right now. And in any case, this is a problem with the
editor core, which I'm not touching with a 10 feet pole.

Last one? Opening QD in read-only mode (\P) lets me pick a block for the
scrap but using ^Z to hot-buffer one line is not working. A bug or a
missed feature?

Apparently you have to thank me that CTRL+X works in this mode:
        cmp.b   #24,d1          ; CTRL X => Quit
        beq.s   not_protected   ; yes, so do it (Marcel wants it !!)

I added
        cmp.b   #26,d1          ; CTRL Z => Mark current line
        beq.s   not_protected   ; yes, so do it (Bob wants it !!)

Thanks again Marcel for looking into these points and for including my name in the source. Now I have no choice in calling it my favourite editor.


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