On 10/14/2016 09:42 AM, drew.qu...@gmail.com wrote:
Systemd is on it's way out.. It's one of the most hated things... and I'm
going to build Qubes without it.

That way, it's not like I'm using Windows any more, but actually using
Linux again.

Systemd doesn't really do that much differently, other than being a central
point that is only a point of vulnerability and failure for the system.

I just want to remove this MAJOR security hole. And I will, because it can
be easily done. Then I just have to build qubes on it and alter things to
not use systemd. Piece of cake.

It's a pretty heavy-handed opinion, but if you have time/fun tweaking Qubes to work without systemd then good for you. Following your logic, you could also remove the DE you're using in dom0 as it probably has major security holes too, as well as a pile of other stuff that will make your system really secure^Wempty. By the way, aren't you using Qubes because its architecture was made to cope with unsecure software in the first place ? (rhetorical question).

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