On Friday, 9 February 2018 17:56:49 UTC, Ivan Mitev  wrote:
> On 02/09/18 18:05, 'awokd' via qubes-devel wrote:
> > On Thu, February 8, 2018 4:50 pm, Ivan Mitev wrote:
> > 
> >>
> >> IMHO a public wiki - official or not - should not replace the current
> >> documentation: someone may add unsecure instructions (willingly or not)
> >> and there will always be users who blindingly copy/paste instructions.
> > 
> > That and divergence between the two sets of documentation, possibly by
> > neglecting one or the other.
> > 
> >> My idea behind a public wiki was to have a "staging" area that would
> >> lower the bar for writing official documentation (eg. understanding pull
> >> requests isn't needed), as well as easing "community" testing/debugging
> >> (like providing workarounds or step-by-step instructions like now with
> >> Windows HVMs).
> > 
> > This sounds good; should avoid divergence.
> I fully agree about the divergence issue, that's why I plan to delete 
> the content on the public page(s) after it's pulled in the official docs.
> >> If after some time the instructions are deemed good
> >> enough, then they could be pulled into the official docs and removed from
> >> the wiki.
> > 
> > Will you be handling that step by submitting PRs against the official
> > docs? How frequently?
> I've set up the windows HVM wiki page to help other people struggling 
> with the issues I've been through. It's a bit of an experiment and it 
> would be interesting to see if other users contribute content to this 
> specific page, or even add other pages (the latter would be an 
> indication that something is either missing or difficult to find in the 
> official docs).
> tl;dr; I don't really know how it'll work out, how frequently PRs would 
> have to submitted - and whether I'll submit them myself or other users 
> step in, etc.
> I saw on qubes-users that you're updating the official documentation, 
> that's great. I *really* don't want to sound like I'm duplicating some 
> of your work, or making your work harder. The wiki page is 100% public 
> so feel free to delete stuff and/or import it in the official document 
> at your convenience.
> BTW I've eventually managed to successfully install Windows 7 in R4 and 
> I've updated the wiki page accordingly. I see that user 
> bowa...@gmail.com also managed to install a win7 VM with exactly the 
> same commands, so maybe we've reached a working set of install 
> instructions and I could submit a PR (or you could copy/paste the 
> instructions in the official docs).
> IMHO, given that people are now trying R4 and Windows HVMs (there's for 
> instance a post on qubes-users@ by Alex a sec ago) it would be helpful 
> to post the link of the updated official doc or the temporary wiki page 
> to the qubes-users@ ML.
> Let me know what you think...
> Best,
> Ivan

Hi, I just saw this post. Apologies, I had already submitted a PR 
with the minimal change to get the install working.

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