Am 29.09.2016 um 03:16 schrieb Drew White:

> On Thursday, 29 September 2016 04:05:41 UTC+10, Achim Patzner  wrote:
>> Which part of "we don't provide signed drivers so if you want to run
>> them you have to turn that requirement off" needs a developer to make
>> you understand it and what kind of LART do you expect said developer to
>> use for beating some sense into you? It's clear, it's precise and unless
>> you need a translation into another language there is not much anyone
>> could do for you. Please keep the developers doing something more
>> important than correcting your refusal to accept facts.
> but I wanted a technical explanation

No, you -- being a non-paying end-user; I've yet to see any worthwhile
contribution from you -- _demanded_ (in a quite untoward manner an
explanation from a "developer". Sorry. I guess even if said developer
tried explaininig to you why he does not apply for a valid code
signature certificate you would continue ranting.

What about remoiving Qubes and install a nice Ubuntu or Mint on your
machine and be happy about your life?

> As I said in a recent post, which may be worth you reading that sentence that 
> also relates here.

None of your posts have ever been worth reading so please forgive the
ret of the world not having read most of them.


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