Am 30.09.2016 um 03:20 schrieb Drew White:

> On Thursday, 29 September 2016 19:40:12 UTC+10, Achim Patzner  wrote:
>> No, you -- being a non-paying end-user; I've yet to see any worthwhile
>> contribution from you -- _demanded_ (in a quite untoward manner an
>> explanation from a "developer". Sorry. I guess even if said developer
>> tried explaininig to you why he does not apply for a valid code
>> signature certificate you would continue ranting.
> Well, how am I to make a worthwhile contribution when there are so many bugs

By fixing them if you can or paying someone for fixing them if you
can't. Or politely asking if someone can provide a fix because he deems
the problem important enough or at least well described.

> and I provide details to get them fixed but they are ignored because

Yes. Just as my mother calling me to tell me "I erased the Internet!".
You didn't provide details of a (known) non-problem; you ranted and

> everyone causes them to get lost in an array of insults towards me and bad 
> information thrown around confusing my good data in the mix?

Poor you; the whole world is against you and you cannot figure out why
even if the bad world is continuously telling you why and everybody is
ignoring your issues completely. Hint: People get tired of you if you
constantly annoy them.

>> What about remoiving Qubes and install a nice Ubuntu or Mint on your
>> machine and be happy about your life?
> No thanks, I don't use end-user only operating systems.

But that might be much more fitting to your lifestyle, your experience,
your demands and your behavior. And if you want paid support, why not
install Windows 10 and rant at Cortana; she seems getting used to
disgruntled five-year-olds complaining about their parents so I'm sure
she will put up with your demands.

>> None of your posts have ever been worth reading so please forgive the
>> rest of the world not having read most of them.
> Maybe they weren't worth reading because your IQ is too low to understand 
> them?

I guess so. I hope so or I would probably end like Marvin, the depressed
robot having to understand them.

> Or maybe the fact is that you read people attacking me for no reason


Actually I didn't see anyone attacking you up to now. They're just
venting a bit of their frustration about your major contributions to
this list.

> and you take heir side because you don't want to be the odd one out

Even more *rofl* on this. What's next? Calling me gay like the last
secret agent of Moronia that was posting to these lists?

I should really (and will now) follow my own advice.

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