You have a ps4 and you want to game on the pc?  why?  Pc gaming died a decade 
ago cause piraters, cheaters, and ddos.

League of Legends is the only pc game on windows I would consider "popular" tks 
to asian countries who take e-sports as serious as football. But On Linux the 
only popular games are cs:go and Dota2 and unless you're a gaming pro or 
someone who doesn't mind trolls, that would be

I would stick to single player games for consoles until they start jailing kids 
like in Japan and Korea.  Man do I miss ea-sports on the pc. 95-2005 was a 
great decade.

Hardware industry has been steady tankin since, and I don't blame tablets or 
smartphones.  I built a computer for the first time in years only for Qubes,   
but no way I'd waste money on a gaming rig for me and my hardware to get abused.

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