On 04/25/2017 11:29 AM, cooloutac wrote:

You have a ps4 and you want to game on the pc?  why?  Pc gaming died a decade 
ago cause piraters, cheaters, and ddos.
What? there are still many decent new games being released. I play BF4 and only encounter obvious cheaters once in a blue moon and they always get banned by stat based anti-cheat like fairfight (server side anti-cheat is the only way to go, no bullshit kernel drivers required either)

Consoles suck, even the new versions of the PS4/Xbone can't play at native resolutions with at least 60FPS and once the OEM shuts down the servers your games are useless - people are still playing BF1942 because they were able to easily reverse engineer a master server and anyone can DL the server files but that wouldn't be possible on a console. Not to mention the DRM and always-online requirements for singleplayer games (yeah PC is DRM'ed too, but there are still great AAA games that get released without it such as The Witcher 3 and the Metro series)

Piracy doesn't result in bad game sales, only bad games do and denuvo proves that - the witcher 3 released without DRM sold many more copies in the first week than Mass Effect 3.

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