On Mon, Oct 09, 2017 at 08:20:44PM -0700, Person wrote:
> I have copied the file to dom0 several times without error messages, so it is 
> unlikely that the transferral was unsuccessful. 

Here are some basic Linux commands that you should use in a terminal in
pwd  - this will show you the directory that you are in.
ls - this will list the contents. You would expect to see the file that
you have just created. If you use 'ls -lh' you will get a  LONG listing
('l') with sizes in HUMAN format ('h').
SO you can confirm that the file you have just copied is the expected

Run the command to copy the iso image.
Then use 'ls -lh' and check that the file is indeed there.
'pwd' to identify the directory.

Armed with that knowledge you will be able to put together the right
path to the iso image when you try to start using the --cdrom option.

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