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> *A Critique of Qubes*
Hi John,

What a nice read, thank you.  I have a very similar background, and age,
so I was very interested to read your story.

I've been using Qubes now for a few years, and love it.  Have had very 
little problem with it; have used and restored using the builtin backup
scheme; and have updated without problem using just the normal,
stable repositories.

The one thing I can suggest that I do differently to you, is that I
power down my laptop, and boot up afresh each day.  Have always done
this during my professional life (wasn't any choice early on as there
was no suspend option), and I can say that I have not experienced any
of the launch issues you described, nor any copy/paste issues between
VMs, not that I do much of that.

As for Flash, it is a pain.  Our BBC still uses it extensively, so I
have to manually download it occasionally and copy the library file
into the appVMs .mozilla directory when necessary.

Anyway, best of luck,


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