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> Issues...
> * When launching a program from the Qubes menu, particularly if the
>  target   appVM has to be started, the program often fails to be
>  launched. This happens very frequently with the Text Editor.
Interesting, my experience is limited to mostly debian-based templates and for 
those, the only program that fails to start from the menu is gnome-terminal. 

>  Since I had been using Linux distributions based, directly or
>  indirectly, on Debian, when I first set up Qubes, I created my appVMs
>  based on Debian. That  was painful as I then had to install a lot of
>  basic software.
>  When I re-read the documentation, I realized the security reasons,
>  so I switched all my appVMs (except one!) back to Fedora. It was not
>  painful, but I would have rather have spent the time doing something
>  else.
I've never come across guidance favoring Fedora over Debian in the docs. Can 
you provide a link? 

>  Since Firefox and Flash were working fine on my Linux Mint laptop
>  (which I use "to play with"), I re-based my untrusted appVM on Debian
>  and, lo and behold, Firefox and Flash worked just fine. This, by the
>  way, was when I attempted to use Chromium.
This is how I used to get flash working too - chromium + some flash plugin on a 
debian-based appvm. Thankfully flash is dying and I don't need it anymore.

>  At least for some people, it seems Debian is a necessity, but it is
>  not given the attention it deserves. At a minimum, a GUI software
>  installer should be included in the Qubes distribution which would
>  make it much easier for people to install other software they feel
>  inclined to use.
I think the policy is that Qubes defers to the distro. So if the distro doesn't 
have a GUI installer, than the template won't, and it sounds like it would be 
out of scope for Qubes to provide a GUI installer.

On the flip side, if the distro has an optional GUI package manager, it should 
work. For example, for debian, have you tried installing synaptic in the 

> * Screenshot only appears to work from Qubes Tools. I can "add"
>  "Screenshot" to appVMVs based on Fedora (but not on Debian). But it
>  does not work -- The dialog comes up but, having chosen to select an
> area, I cannot do so.
>  Subsequent attempts to use Screenshot do not even present a dialog.
>  Although I have not seen this documented anywhere (which does not
>  mean it is not), it seems logical -- dom0 owns the screen (monitor),
>  so it makes sense that it handles screenshots. However, that means
>  screenshots are saved in dom0 and have to be moved (or, I suppose,
>  copied) to the desired appVM. It seems a bit awkward. If one is in a
>  program in an appVM and decides a screenshot would be nice, it is
>  probably focussed on that window or a portion of it. Since the OS
>  displaying the window "knows" what it is displaying, it seems logical
>  that some kind of screenshot could be made by that OS, but restricted
>  to its window.
It *would* be nice if you could right-click a file in dom0 and send to VM using 
the VM picker. Useful for screenshots and log files, for GUI-inclined users.

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