Hi John,

John Goold:
* When launching a program from the Qubes menu, particularly if the
   target   appVM has to be started, the program often fails to be
   launched. This happens very frequently with the Text Editor.

   This is annoying as one waits a bit in case one is simply being
   impatient, or at least I do, so as not to launch two copies of the
   program by accident.

I experience that too on debian (i don't use fedora appvms). As Chris said it's a longstanding bug with gnome apps like nautilus and gedit.

Actually i much prefer the nemo window manager, i think it's great and much better than nautilus (dolphin works too but i don't like it as much). You can install whatever window manager you want in the template and use it in your appvms.

By the way does anyone know how to add the qubes specific functions (move/copy to vm, open in dispvm) to the context menu in nemo? It would be nice to not have to switch to nautilus for those functions (i know i can use cli for it too tho).

* Ignoring whonix (I do not use it... yet), there are two template VMs
   in the vanilla Qubes 4.0.1 installation: Fedora and Debian. However,
   they have not been treated equally, with Debian being the loser. The
   Qubes documentation indicates that Fedora was favoured for security

I'm also not sure about this. My understanding is that debian is actually better than fedora from a security standpoint because of how updates are done (fedora updates being more vulnerable to man in the middle attacks).

   At least for some people, it seems Debian is a necessity, but it is
   not given the attention it deserves. At a minimum, a GUI software
   installer should be included in the Qubes distribution which would
   make it much easier for people to install other software they feel
   inclined to use.

I'm not sure about the default debian template in 4.0, but i remember the default debian 8 template in 3.2 had a gui package install/update tool (labelled "Packages" or "Package Updates" or something like that). I remember using it a few times, but i mainly just use cli to install software.

If the new debian template doesn't have that by default, as airelemental said you can install one.

   Using Linux and now Qubes, I not only do not shutdown the computer
   (i.e. power-off), but I do not logout -- I simply "Lock the Screen"
   and power-off my monitor.

I do the opposite, i reboot every day, and i never had any problems with copy and paste between qubes, and i very rarely have other problems like crashes. I would at least reboot after installing dom0 updates.

[Question] So, what do other Qubes users do to protect their families
         in case they die/get killed, get imprisoned, go missing?

In addition to (very) occasional full backups using default qubes tools, i also backup important data to an external hard drive with a luks encrypted partition, so it can be easily accessed outside of qubes if needed.


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