John Goold:
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[Question] So, what do other Qubes users do to protect their
families in case they die/get killed, get imprisoned, go

In addition to (very) occasional full backups using default qubes
tools, i also backup important data to an external hard drive with
a luks encrypted partition, so it can be easily accessed outside of
qubes if needed.

But that still needs someone (spouse, child, executor of your estate) to
have access to a key phrase (if that is the right term). What about
bank account numbers, etc. If you use KeePassX 2 or similar, what about
access to it?

Do you have the necessary passwords written down with instructions,
sealed in an envelope and stored in a safety deposit box? Something

We tend to keep more and more financial, legal and medical information
on our personal computers rather than keeping paper copies (I am an old
guy but my wife and I keep everything in electronic form unless
required by law to keep a paper copy -- so I expect the "younger" crowd
probably tends to do so as well).

We keep at least two backups of such data -- copies to our shared file
server and backups to external drives.

One of our children has the master password to our password vaults --
there is a non-negligible possibility that both of us could be badly
hurt (or killed) in the same accident (e.g. plane or car crash).

Anyway, with our emphasis on Qubes and security, I was curious about
this other aspect of people's affairs. Do you have all your important
data locked down in Qubes so *only* you can get at it?


I'm the only one who can get into my qubes box. Actually i've been thinking about it since you started this thread but i'm not sure of the best way to solve that problem of giving someone trusted access to important data if needed. i've neglected that so far (i guess i've been pretending i'm immortal?)

Anyways, first it has to be someone i really trust, since there really isn't a good way to make sure they have access after i die but they don't have access before (although maybe something like that could be worked out with the safe deposit box you mentioned?)

And second is the problem of preventing access by people other than the trusted person. I can write down a passphrase for them and put it in an envelope, and tell them don't open it unless i die, but then my passphrase is written down and anyone who gains access to the envelope can get access to my important data.

And third is the problem that the only people i *really* trust are probably going to die before i do, but that's not exactly a technical problem..

Anyways, if you have a keepassx database you can just put it on a flash drive or some other storage since the database file is encrypted, but anyone you want to access it will still have to have a passphrase either way.


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