I had to update it first. Also, removed rhgb to get around the password 
prompt bug. 
What an amazing system! I installed it to evaluate if it is suitable for 
our company environment and instantly fell in love with it. However, the 
answer to my main question is still "no" :(. Unless we buy certified 
hardware for everyone, at least, and some of us badly need properly working 
Win10 guest with seamless desktop app integration and clipboard :(

On Friday, October 30, 2020 at 9:28:26 PM UTC+2 Ludovic Bellier wrote:

> Le 30/10/2020 à 19:52, Alex Smirnoff a écrit :
> > Now, that's strange! my dom0 is on the latest kernel, but sys-net is 
> > not, so, no network there.
> >
> Its normal, all VMs keep the default kernel, not the latest.
> You should change the sys-net VM kernel to latest:
> - open Qube Manager
> - select sys-net
> - right clic, choose Qube-settings
> - Advanced tab, change the kernel to 5.x.x
> - Apply and restart sys-net

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