Casper Fabricius wrote:
Hi David,

I've always found building the navigation system in Radiant quite a hassle, so I have recently added an <r:menu /> to my fork of radiant ( and submitted a pull request to Sean. I have no idea if it will make it into Radiant 0.6.8 or even into core at all, but if is does, it should deprecate most of the r:if_self r:if_ancestor business. It is very similar to <r:navigation />, but it generates the menu using the existing page hierarchy in the database, rather than requiring the developer to hard code it in the tag attributes.

By the way, Mohit, did you create a page in the wiki with your outline? I can't seem to find it.


I'm sorry I've been unavailable because we're participating at a trade show and it's been very busy putting things together for that. Should I create this as a separate page in the wiki, a separate page under the handbook, or as inidividual items in the handbook? I would like to initially treat this as a separate 'handbook' called 'Documentation - Summer Reboot' rather than into the main handbook. Hopefully, it will be easy to move pages around later?

Would do you guys think?

6/17/2008 | 11:20 PM.

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