Casper Fabricius wrote:
> I've always found building the navigation system in Radiant quite a
> hassle, so I have recently added an <r:menu /> to my fork of radiant 
> (
> ) and submitted a pull request to Sean. I have no idea if it will make
> it into Radiant 0.6.8 or even into core at all, but if is does, it
> should deprecate most of the r:if_self r:if_ancestor business. It is
> very similar to <r:navigation />, but it generates the menu using the
> existing page hierarchy in the database, rather than requiring the
> developer to hard code it in the tag attributes.

That's a fantastic idea, and I hope it moves into the core. For now, 
I'll still post my navigation how-to, with the hopes we can deprecate it 
in the near-future.

- Dave
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