Another Blog related question.

I'm using KDE/Linux.  The browser, Konqueror, has 'shorthand' or
'abbreviations', such as 'cpan', 'jeeves', 'google', 'ggmovie', 'wp'
(for wikipedia).

It occurs to me that I'm making a lot of references to Amazon in my
blog.  It would be nice to be able to write "<amazon:9620102>" and have
a reference to that isbn or product id.  Even better if it also has my
Associates ID in there as well :-)

There's something like  this on Rory Hansen's site

:-( Shame I'm not a programmer :-(

The Amazon example is clearly useful.  I can think of a couple of others
that are marginal like YouTube and Twitter and Flickr.   Perhaps  a
'configurable' "url-abbreviation-expander" is the right idea, like in
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