Andrew Neil said the following on 12/07/2008 03:50 PM:
> Hi,
> If you are having trouble with the blogtags[1] extension, you could  
> try the sibling tags extension[2] instead. It basically does the same  
> thing, except the tags are namespaced as <r:siblings:next/previous>.  
> It also offers a few extra options, like siblings:each/each_before/ 
> each_after, as well as a bunch of conditional tags.
> Also, Jim Gay's blog extension[3] includes sibling-tags, as well as  
> providing additional tags for authors, so you might want to have a  
> look at that.

Thank you.
I went with #3 and its turned out fine (except for the "usual" problems
with stylesheet vs local style interactions! that have nothing to do
with the plugin.)

There's only me as an author at the moment :-)

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