john said the following on 12/07/2008 02:45 PM:
> On 2008/12/07, at 12:41, Anton J Aylward wrote:
>> I'm trying to use the  Next/Previous mechanism
>> I have in the layout for the articles this in the sidebar
>> Prev: <r:previous><r:link/></r:previous> <br/>
>> Next: <r:next><r:link/></r:next> <br/>
>> That's fine, up to a point.
>> I have some articles that are not yet published - hidden.
>> They appear as next/previous
>> and when the link is clicked I get the "file not found" message.
>> Same if the next/prv is "draft" or "reviewed".
>> Is there something that should be a wrapper here that limits the  
>> scope?
>> Becuase I don't think it should be behaving like this and there  
>> doens't seem to any contextual help for them.
>> (Nor does 'blog' in the help search turn up anything.)
> Not sure about the problem there, but you might want to have a look at  
> the blog_tags extension, it adds a few handy tags, next/previous being  
> among those (and if I recall properly from the last time I used it, it  
> only considers published pages).

Ah, John, I have that installed.  I have read the examples in the
README.markup and that's where I got that simple, reduced example I used
which failed as I described.

I looked at the code in vendor/extensions/blog_tags/lib/blog_tags.rb
and I didn't see anything which constrained the set of siblings to be
ones that were published.

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