BTW, if any are curious, here's what I think I know about this (sorry, forgot 
to report back about the experiments):

"rake spec" or "rake spec:models" load *only* the base radiant db migrations 
into the test database -- they load no extension migrations at all. This means 
that if any extension modifies the base tables in its migrations, those 
migrations are not loaded during this test. The only time any extension 
migrations get loaded into the test db is under "rake spec:extensions" when 
they do get loaded, when the tests are run for that particular extension. (This 
may not be entirely correct, as I realized as I wrote the above I didn't have 
any integration tests in my local tree involving reorder, and those might have 
caused the reorder migrations to load.)

Since the reorder extension modifies children_find_options (replacing 
'published_at' with 'position' as the default) it breaks the tests, as the 
position column migration has not been loaded when the model tests are being 
run. If it had simply created a position column and not altered default 
behavior (merely giving you the additional option of using "by="position"') the 
errors would not have appeared, and my confusion would have been less.

BTW, am I right in assuming there isn't a command to test a specific extension, 
only one which tests all installed extensions at once?

Have Fun,

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