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On Tue, Jun 29, 2010 at 2:24 PM, Haselwanter Edmund

> >> and with this comes another question:
> >>
> >> Ok, I know that Radiant is "different". And I love it. I recently did
> >> a presentation in my web 2.0 community meeting about radiant. And one
> >> statement burned so hard: No end user will use this!
> >
> > Bullshit. It's just not true. I've had plenty of non-technical,
> > non-tech-savvy users enjoying Radiant.
> Hm. Its not bullshit. It's how some people see it. I had to fight 20 people
> to suggest that it would be much more easier to educate people to use
> textile
> than to have a WYSIWYG Editor. I'm a textile fan. It just would be create
> to "have" a solution for this feature request. but ok. there are some
> extensions out there. must not be in the core neither a core extension
Then isn't the argument here whether people would revolt against textile?
 And not Radiant?

There are other options outside of textile - WYM editor ... FCK editor ...
it doesn't have to be markdown or textile or whatever.  It can be whatever
your customers are most comfortable with.

Right this second I'm at a client's office on-call while they enter all
their content via wymeditor and paperclipped.  These folk are about as
technically illiterate as you can get but they're more than happy with the
system I've laid out in front of them.

The only trouble I've had is when I run into some folk who think Drupal or
Wordpress are the only options out there and are (reverse-)intimidated by a
CMS that doesn't throw the kitchen sink at them.  I know, I know - sounds
ridiculous doesn't it?  But when it's all they know then the other solutions
look odd/strange.

Just my 2 cents.

- Joel

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