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> Subject: (RADIATOR) beginners question
> Hi,
> I would like to have a set of default reply items for most of my
> users (provided they authenticate OK) and a few exceptions
> who get reply items specific to them.
> What differentiates the default users from the 'specials' is their
> usernames and passwords and nothing else - i.e. they all authenticate
> via the same NAS, and it will always supply the same attributes in the
> request (except the username and password).
> The example user file says
> # DEFAULT users will be checked in the order they appear in this
> # file. They
> # will be checked in order until one is found that matches and
> # which does not contain Fall-Through
> and also has entries like this -
> DEFAULT       Service-Type = Administrative-User, Auth-Type = System
>       Idle-Timeout = 2000,
> But what is a DEFAULT user?
The DEFAULT entry matches any user for which there is no specific entry.

> Is the Service-Type attribute here a request item which is checked?
In that example its a check item.

> If so then a DEFAULT user in RADIATOR is distinguished by
> his/her request item and I am stuck as to how to do what I want to do.

There are a number of ways to do this, probably the best is:

Use DefaultReply in your AuthBy clause. This will add reply items for people
who do not have any reply items in your users file. So you can set up your
"normal" users in teh users file without any reply items, and DefaultReply will
add reply items for them. Users who have specific reply items in the users file
wil get those reply itmes and not the ones in DefaultReply.

Hope that helps.


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