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> >
> > There are a number of ways to do this, probably the best is:
> >
> > Use DefaultReply in your AuthBy clause. This will add reply items for
> > who do not have any reply items in your users file. So you can set up your
> > "normal" users in teh users file without any reply items, and DefaultReply
> > add reply items for them. Users who have specific reply items in the users
> > wil get those reply itmes and not the ones in DefaultReply.
> Ah I see.
> It would be really nice if the special character replacement thing we spoke
about before
> worked -

Well, it does work, its just that User-Name is not usually available in the
reply in order to do the replacement.

There is a way you could do this:

1. In a PreHandlerHook, copy User-Name from the incoming packet to the reply
2. Put something like Reply-Message="Hello %n" in your add-to-reply
3. In PostAuthHook, remove the User-Name attribute from the reply packet/.

Its a bit ugly, but its a workaround that will work.


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