On Friday, April 30, 1999 3:42 PM, Mike McCauley [SMTP:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] wrote:
> Hi Arnie,
> > I would like to have a set of default reply items for most of my
> > users (provided they authenticate OK) and a few exceptions
> > who get reply items specific to them.
> >

> There are a number of ways to do this, probably the best is:
> Use DefaultReply in your AuthBy clause. This will add reply items for people
> who do not have any reply items in your users file. So you can set up your
> "normal" users in teh users file without any reply items, and DefaultReply will
> add reply items for them. Users who have specific reply items in the users file
> wil get those reply itmes and not the ones in DefaultReply.

I tried this but Radiator complains about unrecognised keywords when it starts.
The keywords its complaining about are Vendor-specific codes I've entered
into the dictionary. These work fine without the DefaultReply in the AuthBy clause.
Is radius.cfg read before the dictionary at load time? Perhaps I need to try one of
the other ways of doing this.

Another beginners question -
A user has two phones at home and I want to check his caller-id is one or the other.
How do you logically or a string check item?




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