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> That should work, irrespective of whether they are in the dictionary or not.
> Probably you have your DefaultReply spread over several lines in the config
> file without using the line continuation character (ie the backslash \) ?. You
> should put the entire DefaultReply on one line, else use line continuations:
> DefaultReply attr1=val1,\
>               attr2=val2,\
>               etc....

Yes that is what I was doing wrong. It works now - thanks.

> >
> > Another beginners question -
> > A user has two phones at home and I want to check his caller-id is one or the
> other.
> > How do you logically or a string check item?
> In the users file:
> username      Password=xxxxx,Calling-Station-Id=95980985
>               reply item,
>               reply item,
>               ....
> (Of course this requires that your NAS is sending Calling-Station-Id in each
> request)

Yes the NAS sends Calling-Station-Id but I don't understand your reply.
Calling-Station-Id is a string attribute and not an integer and so I would have
expected your users entry to have been 

username        Password=xxxxx,Calling-Station-Id="95980985"

If my users two phones are 9580985 and 1234567 then the Calling-Station-Id could
be either of these and the check item needs to reflect this. I can guess from the
example users file how to OR integers. There is no example of OR for string attributes
however and despite trying many syntactical possibilities I haven't managed to get it



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