The BLUG has a long write up and description of the Silver 2 shifters.  One 
big take home is the Silver 1 shifter mold is shot, so those will be going 
away.  So, if you love Silver shifters, stock up now.  The Silver 2 looks 
like it'll be a way better thumb shifter, a somewhat better barcon shifter, 
and an amusingly ironic downtube shifter.  Most importantly (to me), is 
that if you want to embolden Rivendell Bicycle Works to keep putting their 
money where their brains are, then reward them by buying a pair or two of 
Silver 2's and put them into your personal inventory.  When the need 
arises, get them from your stock.  If Riv gets a lot of early adopters 
buying them, then they'll have the confidence and the money to make the 
next part that you can't get anywhere else.  Grant tells you on the BLUG 
how to get on an email list for updates on the Silver 2.  

Bill habitual-early-adopter Lindsay
El Cerrito, CA

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