What a wonderful thing to do on a sabbatical! I remember marveling at 
getting up, going to Home Depot, coming back to work on my condo (paint, 
tile, paneling) and still getting paid! The second one, I used in 
conjunction with maternity leave, so that one just flew by. Ah, Silicon 
Valley.... I thought sabbaticals had all but disappeared (except of course 
in academia). And now that you have a number of people following your 
adventures, perhaps a bit vicariously, your commitment has passengers. 

On Friday, August 4, 2017 at 12:46:26 PM UTC-7, Bill Lindsay wrote:
> I get a six week sabbatical from work from late August to early October. 
>  I had a bike tour plan, but it was going to be solo, so my family nixed 
> that.  My wife and kids are all quite busy, and I'm trying to really savor 
> where I live and the blessings I have, so I'm doing a six week stay-cation. 
>  The two main activities will be riding a bunch and handyman projects.  I'm 
> a numbers guy and I like measurable goals.  I'm also really happy with my 
> fleet and how every bike in my fleet is dialed.  One of the reasons I keep 
> the entire fleet dialed is for 'wear-leveling'.  I use them all so each of 
> them lasts a REALLY long time.  So, the measurable goal I've set for myself 
> is to ride 200 miles on each of 10 different bikes during the 92 days of 
> August+September+October 2017.  I started out with my oldest bike: my 
> late-father's 1973 Windsor Carrera Sport, which I restored shortly after 
> his passing.  
> <https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-sL8DjZtMHuo/WYTMMgcY8KI/AAAAAAAADeA/ceN91X7dBk0WUf9ScxARSLzypnQmkP0pgCLcBGAs/s1600/IMG_2002.JPG>
> Riv content:  Albatross bars, Wald Basket, Sackville Shopsack Medium, 
> Saddle triangle, Sneaker pedals, Sugino XD2 crankset, Newbaums tape, Atus 
> Rear Der, Twin Hollow rims, Nitto bag protector, Hammer bell, hub shiners. 
>  On this bike I'm doing simple bike/Bart commuting to my office, but I take 
> 'the long way'.  Instead of 2-3 mile legs between home-Bart or office-Bart, 
> I'm taking 6-7 mile legs, which gets you up to 25-30 miles per day on a 
> work day.  I'm about 80 miles into my 200 mile goal for bike #1.  
> Today I did my first 'long ride' on Bike #2, my most contemporary bike, 
> which I call my Niner-Seven-Fiver. 
> <https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-GiUAo8xaDuQ/WYTNKANMHLI/AAAAAAAADeE/HsU9-lQiQ4USt4rH4-6nRZFL5w5BxmZfACLcBGAs/s1600/IMG_2008.JPG>
> Riv content:  hoo-boy, not much....Newbaums tape, Edelux Lamp, reflective 
> triangle, King cages, Water Bottles designed for Lucky Duck Bike Cafe by 
> Sean Hipkin, Dutch taillight.  That ride featured some solid underbiking to 
> get around this road closure on local trails.  The ride is ~40 miles with 
> ~3000ft of climbing through the East Bay Hills.  
> The challenge will feature four Rivendells:  R05C0 8U883 road, Rosco 
> Medium Mountain Mixte, Sam Hillborne, and HubbuHubbuH.  The plan only 
> includes one REALLY long ride, and that's the San Francisco Randonneurs 
> Marin Mountains 200k in the middle of October.  Only if I'm on-schedule or 
> ahead of it will I be ready for a 130 mile ride, 25% off road, with 13,000 
> feet of climbing.  
> I will post progress from time to time.  I'm posting photos on Instagram 
> just about every day, so the kids on my mountain bike team can keep up.  
> Bill Lindsay
> El Cerrito, Ca

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