If this is too off topic, I'm sure the moderator will delete.  I know a lot 
of you live in the area and would love your input.

Since I'll be flying from PA to S. CA at the end of the month for business, 
I decided to stop in San Francisco to visit Rivendell.  I'll be arriving on 
a Sunday about noon, and leaving Tuesday, probably on a 5pm flight 
out. I'll be flying into SFO, and I can fly out of either SFO or Oakland 
airport, whichever makes most sense with my schedule.  I'll be renting a 
car, because I'll need it for some of the trip, but I have no issues using 
BART when that is more practical.  I'll be staying in Emeryville and that 
would be my first stop, so I could drop off my bags.

I'm planning on visiting Golden Gate Park (conservancy of flowers, Art 
Museum) , take a walk in Muir Woods, perhaps Alcatraz, Fisherman's Wharf, 
and visit Rivendell.  My tastes are more toward nature and museums, but I 
love the get a feel of the area, so I'd probably just want to "walk around" 
but I'm not sure where.  I'm open to all suggestions on what to see, when 
to see it, and how to maximize my time.  

So, with two half days and one full day, are there any suggestions on how 
to split my time, especially when it comes to potentially getting caught in 
traffic?   Perhaps Muir Woods on Sunday, SF on Monday?  What is the traffic 
like--would SF be better on a Sunday (or twice)?  I figure 1/2 day at Riv 
for the drive up and back and "visit." or should I see what Walnut Creek 
has to offer?    It's probably been 25 years since I've been to SF area.

And, no, I won't be doing any biking.


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