lovely bike and one of my favorite riv colors. For me it comes down to 
positioning. We have a household clem and with boscos i was always wanting 
to lean forward and extend my arms past the regular handle section, which i 
never found ideal. Albatross bars relieved this on the clem since they 
don't come back so much. Ive had other bikes where albatross bars had the 
same issue- my body wanting to extend past the handles. When i had a hunq, 
i went from albatross, to map/ahearne, to albastache. Each kind of 
stretched me out a bit more, but were still upright. I suppose some people 
work the opposite way to solve the inverse problem. 

I'd second that if you're comfortable with a set up, changing for 
aesthetics can end up being a big pain...

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