I am no expert, definitely still learning, but agree with you on stack and 
reach being very good indicators of fit.  The note that Tom posted was good 
info as well.

That said, have stack/reach measurements been posted for the MIT Atlantis? 
 I may have missed them.  They would be great to see though and could be 
compared against the other Riv models, as well as other frames.


On Tuesday, April 10, 2018 at 10:52:17 AM UTC-5, Garth wrote:
> Tom,  The standard measurement these days by more and more frame makers is 
> called the reach, along with the stack.  Riv has recently added these to 
> their geometry chart and can reveal how deceptive TT alone can be, let 
> alone any 1 certain measurement by itself. 
> All of the numbers are meant as a guide of course, as every body is 
> unique, some more/less flexible and feel best in this or that 
> position...not what someone else tells them is best for them. 
> There are many articles explaining it, here's one ... 

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