Alan Manuel Gloria:
> Whoa whoa whoa - there seems to be problems with SUBLIST and SPLICE!

Are you suggesting there could be a... bug?!?  Why, that could never happen :-).

It appears that SUBLIST is the problem child here.  In "unsweeten", using just 
SUBLIST, we have (as expected):
amkg animals $ 1 0
(amkg animals (1 0))

In the draft BNF, we have the unexpected:
amkg animals $ 1 0
((amkg animals) (1 0))

If one pair of parens is good, I guess two is better :-).  This was made worse 
because my test suite "correct" answers had the wrong results. My bad, sorry.

Clearly the SUBLIST action is busted.  I believe this fixes it:

      | SUBLIST hspace* i_expr1=i_expr
-       {$v=list(monify($head.v), $i_expr1.v);}
+       {$v=append($head.v, list(monify($i_expr1.v)));}

I've posted the grammar with that change.

Okay, let's try again.  I took this:

library \\ amkg animals $ 1 0
  rename $ rover dog
    amkg pets $ 1 0

define cat 'meow


The draft BNF now generates:
(library (amkg animals (1 0)) (export cat (rename (rover dog))) (import (only 
(amkg pets (1 0)) rover)) (define cat (quote meow)))

Which can be reformatted as:
  (amkg animals (1 0))
  (export cat (rename (rover dog)))
  (import (only (amkg pets (1 0)) rover))
  (define cat (quote meow)))

Is that what you expected?

--- David A. Wheeler

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