> > The meta-data could be in the form of a POM, a JNLP file, or some other
> > format, and the tool would indicate what it is looking for as previously
> > discussed.  I think that's where you're going, right?

> In principal ... yes.

> But I am making an assumption that a very simple named value pair
> metadata syntax could be assumed along with a meta mime type.
> References in that structure could be absolute or relative to the
> location of the metadata file.

That would be a possible meta-data format, but there are already others,
such as Maven's POM or Sun's JNLP.  The goal, IMO, would be to provide
suitable content appropriate to the requesting client.  I think we need to
facilitate the mechanism, not dictate the possible meta-data formats.

        --- Noel

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