Noel J. Bergman wrote:

Seems to me
that there is limited utility to being able to parse the URI, and that the
real key is having meta-data with which to assemble it.  But others don't
seem to agree with that view.  They want to parse semantic information from
the URI.

The semantic information is there in the URL, org. project. version, artifact type, name, release type etc.
People WILL try to parse it. I think it would be a Good Idea to make it easy to parse at least the major pieces into discrete chunks.

Assuming most people will simply replace "/" with "-" or "_" the issue is not one off URL length or URL readability, it seems to be mostly about the browseablity of of directories.
In other words have all the apache projects under the apache dir, or under subdirs of apache.

I think the convience of knowing exactly where org, project, and version start and stop is worth the cost to browseablity.


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