Iain Duncan wrote:
> Hi folks, I'm new here and was wondering if there is a good Repoze.bfg
> to Grok comparison page anywhere. If not, I'd like to recommend that it
> would be a great addition to the docs. I know there is a brief
> comparison up there, but to someone like me who is experienced in
> Pylons/TG/Django style stuff but new to Zope, I'm pretty confused about
> whether I should learn zope by trying out Zope 3, Grok, or Repoze.bfg
> and what the pros and cons of each approach are.

Actually a somewhat more detailed comparison would be valuable even for
"more involved" people. I just had quite a bit of a discussion with
Laurence on the weekend what framework / toolkit / set of packages we
should use for a upcoming not-very-cms'y project.

Our gut feeling told us to either stick with a very-much known beast
like Zope 2.12 or go for repoze.bfg. Grok or the Zope Toolkit didn't
strike us as particular interesting with any of its offerings. I do have
a feeling that we might miss out some of the good features we'd might
give up by going for a very minimal approach. But something that allowed
us to compare our set of technical requirements against the various
options would have been appreciated.


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