2009/5/4 Hanno Schlichting <hanno...@hannosch.eu>:
> Our gut feeling told us to either stick with a very-much known beast
> like Zope 2.12 or go for repoze.bfg. Grok or the Zope Toolkit didn't
> strike us as particular interesting with any of its offerings. I do have
> a feeling that we might miss out some of the good features we'd might
> give up by going for a very minimal approach. But something that allowed
> us to compare our set of technical requirements against the various
> options would have been appreciated.

I think of BFG as a microkernel; you can plug into it using WSGI and a
few other interfaces. These are simple and so writing libraries for
them is easy. Contrast this with Zope where libraries have to be
written against an entire framework with a high level of abstraction.

Contracts are easier with BFG and it makes development quick and, dare
I say it, fun.

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