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Iain Duncan wrote:
> On Mon, 2009-05-04 at 17:58 -0500, Ian Bicking wrote:
>> It's only a small piece of Zope 3 or BFG, but a WebOb/Zope API
>> comparison: http://pythonpaste.org/webob/differences.html#zope-3
>> I actually had to complain some to get a published reference doc for
>> Zope 3 request and response, which is to say that this API isn't
>> really on the radar of Zope 3 developers.  Which I find weird, but I
>> obviously have my own biases.  Zope 3 developers do approach things
>> from a very different starting point than Pylons/TG/Django (which are
>> all really pretty close).
>> IMHO if you specifically want to "learn Zope 3", then I think you want
>> to use Grok; there's Zope 3 stuff in BFG, but you probably won't find
>> yourself actively introduced to it.  Though if you are interested in
>> adding Zope 3 concepts to a WSGI stack, then you'd definitely want
>> BFG.
> Thanks Ian. Mostly I want to broaden my mind with regards to design,
> especially for projects that might get 'Large'. I really like the
> formality and clarity of the Component Architecture and it's
> interface/registry approach, but I will certainly be using it in a wsgi
> stack of some kind. Guess I'll muck around with all three!

Note that BFG uses the ZCA internally, it just doesn't *require* that
the application developer use it much.  If you looked at BFG
applications written by folks coming to BFG from the Zope side, you will
see that we make a lot of use of the ZCA in our applications, because
that is comfortable to us.  The ZCA certainly does aid in the case where
the project grows (or might) beyond the initial "get something working"

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