On 5/7/09 8:53 PM, Chris Rossi wrote:

>  I haven't sat down and pieced together how you'd do it
> in repoze.plugin, but it seems to that the fact that you can really use
> anything as a marker for your lookups, means you *ought* to be able to make
> this work in a bit more intuitive way.

FTR, I often mark the *request* with some interface based on the URL or the 
traversed names, the hostname or whatever; that makes it pretty tolerable to 
register different views for different parts of the site, or to show something 
completely different if a user comes in on a particular hostname, etc.  This 
seems easier than trying to compute a property on a model based on its 
  This doesn't really work for anything except multiadapters that take a 
and a request, but it's not too hard to explicitly design an application to use 
both the context and the request when looking up arbitrary policy.

- C

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