2009/5/8 Chris Rossi <ch...@archimedeanco.com>:
> Among the more obvious use cases, to me, is the case Zope/Plone programmers
> run into all the time where they want to apply different components to
> different branches of their object graph--ZCA just doesn't really handle
> this at all, and yet it's very common to want to do this.  The canonical
> solution is to apply marker interfaces to different objects in your graph in
> order to game the adapter lookups, but that's awfully hacky and not very
> satisfying at all.  I haven't sat down and pieced together how you'd do it
> in repoze.plugin, but it seems to that the fact that you can really use
> anything as a marker for your lookups, means you *ought* to be able to make
> this work in a bit more intuitive way.

The notion of a "local site" bears some resemblance to this, except
that it's mostly used for persistent components. If there was a way to
load a configuration (i.e. expressed as ZCML) and apply it at a
particular object hierarchy depth and below, then it might solve this
use-case. This begs the question of nesting of course along with
component prioritization.

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