Chris McDonough wrote:
> On 5/7/09 5:28 PM, Shane Hathaway wrote:
>>> Or just make it simple, and return a tuple of (callback,
>>> discriminator). Or a sequence of like [(callback, discriminator),
>>> (callback, discriminator), <etc>], as you say.
>> True. Is it time to write repoze.configuration? ;-)
> Ha..  sadly, already done, mostly:
> I haven't really expected it to see the light of day but it does indeed 
> work, eschews zope.schema and returns those tuples.

Oh I see... the component registry you wrote also acts as a simple 
mapping.  That's a good solution.  Your component registry is also 
impressively small.

It looks like you chose not to use zope.interface at all, but that's too 
radical for me. :-)  I imagine a plugin system that can rely on either 
zope.interface or ABCs would have a much better chance at wide adoption.


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