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> Well for someone like me (more or less familiar with Plone, already
> installed TG but not played very much with it and ended up installing
> Pylons for a project) a "what's the best tool matrix" would be neat.
> I see that matrix as some form of use cases for lines and the software
> options for columns.  The cell value could be a ranking, since obviously
> there won't be a case where Grok or BFG or WSGIPlone or whatever will be
> perfect or null for use case X.
> [Use] case in point : we're beginning a new project and we're
> considering options for web presence.  A quick setup is throw a Trac and
> build on it, but I'd rather have a nice (easier to theme) front end on
> top of Trac (that would play well with Trac).  Would/could that front
> end be Plone (we might have some content to manage one day, but then
> maybe not that much .. or will we ?) or Grok or BFG ?

This use case isn't too hard.  Deliverance can do this for you, or you could 
take a look at http://bfg.repoze.org/tutorialbin/2/ for the same thing without 
Deliverance under BFG (or anything else).  Trac is somewhat unique inasmuch as 
it appears to be *meant* to be abused in this way.  Its HTML is very regular, 
and it seems to "just work".

> I know it's very often a matter of personal preference or competence and
> a matrix won't be a silver bullet but it would help IMO.  Ease of
> deployment at commercial ISP's might be important to mention, but I
> understand that most people on this list probably manage their own
> servers.

The "smaller" solutions (Pylons / BFG) are so similar to each other as to be 
almost indistinguishable.  They're so similar that we've actually been trying 
come to some form of convergence (see 
unfortunately, differences in opinion about minor things has conspired againt 
any real convergence.

The "middle" solutions (TG / Django / Zope) differ mostly in style.

The "large" solution (Plone) is in a class of its own.  It's more an 
itself than a framework on which to build any old application.

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