hi, all!  i have some questions about repoze.plone from the
systems-integrator perspective.  in particular, i need to know how much
using plone under repoze necessarily restricts plone version, upgrades, etc.

the immediate reason i ask is because a client uses some add-on products
that depend on plone version 3.2 and greater.  more generally, plone
continues to be a rapidly developing platform.  while i want, and may need,
the versatility to be gained from wsgi integration, i may not be able to
afford trading off the ability to track plone version as it changes.

so i guess want to know how tightly bound the plone.repoze install is to
plone 3.1?  are there alternative approaches which would enable someone to
integrate repoze to their plone builds without substantially restricting the
rest of the plone builds?  even if it takes getting (slightly, or a lot?)
into the guts of plone and repoze?

these seem to be likely questions if you're interested in adoption of
repoze.plone by the wider plone community.  please let me know if i'm
misunderstanding something basic, or if i've missed somewhere that covers
the issues...
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