ken manheimer wrote:

> now, instead of just asking whether and how to use plone under wsgi, i'm
> considering whether i should be looking at switching my focus to bfg, at
> least for some projects.  while i'm thankful to better understand the
> various projects, i'm a bit overwhelmed at the uncertainties in each
> direction and division of attention necessary to keep all in sight!
> tres has often referred to the ironic chinese curse, "may you live in
> interesting times" - these are interesting times, indeed, for a web
> application developer.

This is a bit of a strange statement. Plone is a web content management 
system. BFG is a Python application development framework. Quite a few 
people are happy to keep both those tools in their toolbox, but I don't 
think they can be compared like for like insofar as you can switch your 
focus from one to the other to solve a particular problem (unless the 
solution is to write your own CMS from scratch, but if that's feasible, 
then Plone is probably overkill for the requirements).

Of course, BFG is a nice web framework - I can recommend you looking 
into it. ;)


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