Hanno Schlichting wrote:
> On Sat, Jan 16, 2010 at 11:57 PM, ken manheimer <ken.manhei...@gmail.com> 
> wrote:
>> i'm getting the impression that you have a talent for understatement. :-)
> Yeah. People keep telling me that, no idea why :)
>> through a happy accident, a search through my inbox for "repoze" turned up
>> shane hathaway's february 2009 zope.pipeline proposal.  it's very
>> illuminating.  it definitely helps me understand more about what all the
>> fuss is, and more of what's going on.
> In the end the handling of a request/response and the notion of
> publishing is on of the core parts of our web frameworks. For a long
> time we had relative stability in that area, with ZPublisher and
> zope.publisher being the only two options. Today there's repoze.zope2,
> repoze.bfg, bobo, the zope.pipeline proposal all trying to improve in
> that area. But these are technology innovations only usable in their
> respective frameworks. Unless you want to work on improving the
> publishing story yourself, you can largely ignore these debates and
> stick with whatever each tool gives you. Nobody can tell if we are
> going to diverge further or if ideas will converge again at some
> point.

For the record, Shane indicated to me earlier this year that he doesn't intend 
to see zope.pipeline to its logical conclusion; instead, when it makes sense, 
he'll pull features out of Zope and into middleware when those components can 
be used independent of the rest of the Zope stack.

>> tres has often referred to the ironic chinese curse, "may you live in 
>> interesting
>> times" - these are interesting times, indeed, for a web application
>> developer.
> Yes, they are. Zope has switched from being one or two major projects
> into a whole landscape of different options going in all kinds of
> different directions at lots of different levels. You have to evaluate
> these tools independently and see how each one does for the job you
> have in mind.

I think there are only three true Zopey options at the moment for  application 
integrators: Zope2/Plone, Grok, or BFG.  All the other stuff (like Zope3, 
repoze.zope2, etc.) are more or less either just libraries or promising thought 
experiments, and integrators should ignore them.

- C

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