On Sat, Jan 16, 2010 at 11:57 PM, ken manheimer <ken.manhei...@gmail.com> wrote:
> i'm getting the impression that you have a talent for understatement. :-)

Yeah. People keep telling me that, no idea why :)

> through a happy accident, a search through my inbox for "repoze" turned up
> shane hathaway's february 2009 zope.pipeline proposal.  it's very
> illuminating.  it definitely helps me understand more about what all the
> fuss is, and more of what's going on.

In the end the handling of a request/response and the notion of
publishing is on of the core parts of our web frameworks. For a long
time we had relative stability in that area, with ZPublisher and
zope.publisher being the only two options. Today there's repoze.zope2,
repoze.bfg, bobo, the zope.pipeline proposal all trying to improve in
that area. But these are technology innovations only usable in their
respective frameworks. Unless you want to work on improving the
publishing story yourself, you can largely ignore these debates and
stick with whatever each tool gives you. Nobody can tell if we are
going to diverge further or if ideas will converge again at some

> tres has often referred to the ironic chinese curse, "may you live in 
> interesting
> times" - these are interesting times, indeed, for a web application
> developer.

Yes, they are. Zope has switched from being one or two major projects
into a whole landscape of different options going in all kinds of
different directions at lots of different levels. You have to evaluate
these tools independently and see how each one does for the job you
have in mind.

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