ken manheimer wrote:
> hi, all!  i have some questions about repoze.plone from the
> systems-integrator perspective.  in particular, i need to know how much
> using plone under repoze necessarily restricts plone version, upgrades, etc.
> the immediate reason i ask is because a client uses some add-on products
> that depend on plone version 3.2 and greater.  more generally, plone
> continues to be a rapidly developing platform.  while i want, and may
> need, the versatility to be gained from wsgi integration, i may not be
> able to afford trading off the ability to track plone version as it changes.
> so i guess want to know how tightly bound the plone.repoze install is to
> plone 3.1?  are there alternative approaches which would enable someone
> to integrate repoze to their plone builds without substantially
> restricting the rest of the plone builds?  even if it takes getting
> (slightly, or a lot?) into the guts of plone and repoze?

Without answering the deeper questions: you don't need repoze.plone 
anymore, nor really the zopelib stuff after Zope 2.12. You can find a 
buildout that uses "standard" Zope 2 and Plone here:


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