On Sun, Apr 11, 2010 at 3:14 AM, Alex Clark <acl...@aclark.net> wrote:
> A couple questions:
> (1) Just curious have you seen any issues with PIL and Zope 2
> along these lines:
>    04:45 < wiggy> argh, PIL 1.1.7 breaks Zope
>    06:42 < aclark> wiggy: how?
>    06:42 < wiggy> aclark:  it includes an ImageFile module at toplevel


> (2) Why the repackaging? I was under the impression that 1.1.7
> alreaded works with setuptools OOB, e.g.:
>      Running setup.py egg_info for package pil
>        WARNING: '' not a valid package name; please use only.-separated 
> package names in setup.py


> The confusion surrounding PIL almost makes me want to write some sort of über
> document listing the orginal problem along with all the various hack-arounds.

Both of these show you the exact problem the official distribution has
with setuptools. It uses a package name of '', which causes all
modules in the distribution to be installed into the top-level
namespace, instead of installing them into a package called PIL. So
instead of "from PIL import ImageFile" they become available as
"import ImageFile". PIL is a perfectly good user of distutils, but
it's specific setup.py isn't compatible with setuptools or any tools
based on that.

All the repackaged tarballs use setuptools directly and install the
modules correctly. There's two versions of this repackaging, which
both do essentially the same. One retains the distribution name PIL
and was done by Chris, the other one is called PILwoTk by Jim Fulton
and does the same, but also disables the rarely used Tk support.

As this is a repackaging of a specific version of PIL, it needs to be
done again for each new release. So far we only had a repackaging of
the 1.1.6 version, I contributed one for 1.1.7 now.

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