Hanno Schlichting wrote:
>> The confusion surrounding PIL almost makes me want to write some sort of ├╝ber
>> document listing the orginal problem along with all the various hack-arounds.
> Both of these show you the exact problem the official distribution has
> with setuptools. It uses a package name of '', 

How'd you figure that?

Line 48 and 480 of PIL 1.1.7's setup.py would suggest it uses a package 
name of "PIL"...

> As this is a repackaging of a specific version of PIL, it needs to be
> done again for each new release. So far we only had a repackaging of
> the 1.1.6 version, I contributed one for 1.1.7 now.

I would hazard a guess that none of the above are needed anymore ;-)


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