On Apr 16, 2010, at 9:33 AM, Tres Seaver wrote:
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> Chris Withers wrote:
>> ch...@server2:~$ python virtualenv.py --no-site-packages test_pil
>> New python executable in test_pil/bin/python
>> Installing setuptools.............................done.
>> ch...@server2:~$ cd test_pil/
>> ch...@server2:~/test_pil$ source bin/activate
> You do know that the 'activate' bit pollutes your shell environment,
> right?  I use virtualenv daily, with dozens of them on my system at any
> one time, and *never* use activate.

activate is a bit of a kludge, though it seems easy enough to just have 
multiple shells open if activate screws with certain tasks. I'm curious though, 
how do you switch virtualenvs? I can envision creating wrapper scripts that 
only pollute the environment for a single process (running it in a subshell or 
whatever), is that what you are doing?

I have to admit I haven't used virtualenv a whole lot, so I'm interested in 
hearing what you seasoned old timers do ;^)


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